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Aria2 eccellente download manager per scaricare velocemente files e programmi

Maria Susana Diaz | 08:44 |
Aria2 è un download manager per eseguire scaricamenti veloci e sicuri di file e programmi. Rilasciata la nuova versione aria2 0.13.1+2.

Aria2 permette di scaricare da più siti contemporaneamente o da connessioni multiple allo stesso indirizzo. I protocolli supportati sono:HTTP, FTP e BitTorrent.

Aria è responsabile di trasferimento dal sistema centrale verso i satelliti di GTK che sostiene il protocollo di HTTP/FTP con l'interfaccia di multilanguage.

AsteClick - TomTom One Europe

Vediamo come utilizzare un metodo di download avanzato per il nostro packet manager preferito. In pratica cambieremo sistema di scaricamento creando più connessioni ai server http/ftp che ospitano i pacchetti.

Mettiamo il turbo a PacMan.

Questo download manager ci offre tutte le caratteristiche per aumentare considerevolmente le prestazioni dell’amico giallo.


# pacman -S aria2

Adesso si modifica /etc/pacman.conf per fargli usare aria, nella sezione [options] aggiungiamo:

XferCommand = /usr/bin/aria2c -s 5 -m 2 -d / -o %o %u

Il numero che inseriamo dopo la flag -s (nel mio caso 5) imposta il massimo numero di connessioni possibili (non ha alcuna utilità aumentare troppo questo numero).

Per installare Aria2 su Ubuntu basta un semplice:

apt-get install aria2


News & Features

Now 18 language translations available! Many thanks to translators!.

  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Catalan
  • Dutch
  • Finnish
  • French
  • German
  • Hebrew
  • Hungarian
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Indonesian
  • Norwegian Nynorsk
  • Polish
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Swedish
  • Thai
  • Simplified Chinese

fiat500_300x250.gifI need translators. I setup for aria2. Anyone who has launchpad account can participate translations for aria2. I really appreciate your contribution.

aria2c(1) man page is available on online.

Make sure that URL is quoted with single(') or double(") quotation if it contains "&" or any characters that have special meaning in shell.
HTTP/FTP Segmented Download
Download a file using 1 connection:
aria2c http://host/

NOTE: To pause a download, press Ctrl-C. You can resume the transfer by run aria2c with the same argument at the same directory. You can change URLs as long as they are pointing to the same file.
Download a file using 2 connections:
aria2c -s2 http://host/
Download a file from 2 different HTTP servers:
aria2c http://host/image.iso http://mirror/image.iso
Download a file from HTTP and FTP servers:
aria2c http://host1/ ftp://host2/
Download files listed in a file concurrently:
aria2c -ifiles.txt -j5

Note: -j option specifies the number of concurrent downloads.
Metalink Download
Download files with remote Metalink:
aria2c http://host/file.metalink
Download files with remote Metalink; metalink file it self is processed in memory:
aria2c --follow-metalink=mem http://host/file.metalink
Download using a local metalink file:
aria2c -p -t10 --lowest-speed-limit=4000 -Mtest.metalink

NOTE: To pause a download, press Ctrl-C. You can resume the transfer by run aria2c with the same argument at the same directory.
Download only selected files using index:
aria2c -Mtest.metalink --select-file 1-4,8

NOTE: The index is printed to the console using -S option.
BitTorrent Download
Download files from remote BitTorrent file:
aria2c -otest.torrent http://site/file.torrent
Download files from remote BitTorrent file; torrent file it self is processed in memory:
aria2c --follow-torrent=mem http://site/file.torrent
Download using a local torrent file:
aria2c --max-upload-limit=40K -T file.torrent


NOTE: --max-upload-limit specifies the max of upload rate.

NOTE: To pause a download, press Ctrl-C. You can resume the transfer by run aria2c with the same argument at the same directory.
Enable DHT
aria2c --enable-dht http://site/file.torrent

NOTE: DHT is disabled by default. You have to give --enable-dht option to aria2c to enable DHT.
Accept only obfuscation handshake
aria2c --bt-require-crypto=true http://site/file.torrent
Download only selected files using index (usually called "selectable download"):
aria2c -Ttest.torrent --select-file=1-4,8

NOTE: The index is printed to the console using -S option.
Change the listening port for incoming peer:
aria2c -Ttest.torrent --listen-port=6881-6883

NOTE: Make sure that the specified ports are open for incoming/outgoing TCP traffic.
Specify the condition to stop program after torrent download finished:
aria2c -Ttest.torrent --seed-time=120 --seed-ratio=1.0

NOTE: In the above example, the program exists when the 120 minutes has elapsed since download completed or seed ratio reaches 1.0.
Throttle upload speed:
aria2c -Ttest.torrent --max-upload-limit=100K
Seeding already downloaded file:

You can seed downloaded file using --check-integrity=true option.
aria2c --check-integrity=true -d/path/to/dir -Tfile.torrent
More advanced HTTP features
Load cookies:
aria2c --load-cookies=cookies.txt http://AAA.BBB.CCC/

NOTE: You can use Firefox/Mozilla's cookie file without modification.
Resume download started by web browsers or another programs:
aria2c -c -s2 http://host/
And more advanced features
Throttle download speed:
aria2c -Mtest.metalink --max-download-limit=100K
Repair a damaged download using --check-integrity option:
aria2c -Mtest.metalink --check-integrity=true

NOTE: This option is only available used with BitTorrent or metalink with chunk checksums.

Drop connection if download speed is lower than specified value:
aria2c -Mtest.metalink --lowest-speed-limit=10K
Parameterized URI support:

You can specify set of parts:
aria2c -P http://{host1,host2,host3}/file.iso

You can specify numeric sequence using []:
aria2c -Z -P http://host/image[000-100].png

NOTE: -Z option is required if the all URIs don't point to the same file, such as the above example.

You can specify step counter:
aria2c -Z -P http://host/image[A-Z:2].png

Project Description and Features

aria2 has segmented downloading engine in its core. It can download one file from multiple URLs or multiple connections from one URL. This results in very high speed downloading, very much faster than ordinary browsers.
As of 0.3.0 release, It can also download BitTorrent files.
We implemented this engine in single-thread model. The architecture is very clean and easy to extend.

Unlike Aria, which has GTK+ interface, aria2 provides command-line interface only. But GUI-lessness brings lower resource requirement. The physical memory usage is typically 3MB(normal HTTP/FTP downloads) to 6MB(BitTorrent downloads). CPU usage in BitTorrent with download speed of 500KB/sec is around 7%.

As of 0.7.1 release, aria2 supports asynchronous DNS using c-ares or ares. This can improve segmented download performance, especially in Metalink download.

* Command-line interface
* Download files through HTTP(S)/FTP/BitTorrent
* HTTP Proxy support
* FTP through HTTP Proxy
* HTTP BASIC authentication support
* HTTP Proxy authentication support
* Segmented downloading
* Download/Upload speed throttling
* BitTorrent extensions: Fast extension, DHT, Peer-Exchange, MSE/PE, Multi-Tracker
* Load Cookies from file whose format is one used by Netscape and Mozilla.
* Run as a daemon process.
* Selective download in multi-file torrent/Metalink
* Metalink version 3.0 support(HTTP/FTP/BitTorrent)
* Chunk checksum validation in Metalink
* Can disable segmented downloading in Metalink
* netrc support
* Configuration file support
* Download URIs found in a text file or stdin
* Parameterized URI support

Configuration File

As of 0.10.2, aria2 supports configuration file. It must be placed under ~/.aria2 and must be named as aria2.conf. In each line, there is 1 parameter whose syntax is name=value pair, where name is the long command-line option name without '--' prefix. The lines beginning '#' are treated as comments.


# sample configuration file for aria2c

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