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Widelands, il gioco clone di The Settlers ha una nuova grafica

Maria Susana Diaz | 22:09 |

Widelands è un gioco strategico in tempo reale rilasciato sotto licenza GPL.

Definito da tutti (anche dagli autori) il clone di The Settlers.

Se non ci avete mai giocato per i primi 10 minuti vi sentirete un po' spaesati e sarà difficile che riusciate a costruire qualche edificio, ma non scoraggiatevi il bello sta per venire.

Si può giocare sia in modalità single player che multiplayer.
In questo gioco inizierai la tua missione con una piccola porzione di terra da cui potrai ricavare poche risorse. Utilizzarle e la tua missione e facendolo nel modo giusto potrai costruire il tuo impero popolato da centinaia e centinaia di abitanti.

Sulla tua strada per raggiungere questo obiettivo dovrai tener conto delle esigenze economiche e costruire adeguate infrastrutture, esplorare le terre circostanti e affrontare i nemici che proveranno a dominare il mondo esattamente come te.

Possibilità di scegliere tra barbari e impero romano.

Tantissime mappe e campagne, con la possibilità di scaricarne altre dal sito ufficiale, senza contare che si possono utilizzare le mappe di The Settlers II.

Guida all'installazione

Per prima cosa scaricate il file di installazione per Linux da qui.
Poi scompattatelo e fate doppio clic su widelands (in pratica non occorre installazione)

Per installare le mappe supplementari presenti sul sito ufficiale, occorre scaricare i file da qui e copiarli nella cartella widelands/maps

Build 14 (until now)

  • Improved computer player behaviour (many different svn rev.)
  • Throw out the bundled version of scons. Scons is widely available by now and the bundled version caused more trouble than it was worth: many incompati- bilities, where a distro-supplied version would have worked (r3929)
  • Fix bug #2351257 - wrong game tips are shown. (r3809)
  • Some improvements of tribes economy and soldier balance (r3793, r3796)
  • Added third barbarian campaign (r3790) and improved the already existing ones (r3775, r3788)
  • Added a new trigger for scenario maps: Player defeated (r3789)
  • In the editor save dialog; initialize the name box with the map name and do not react (for example by playing a sound) to clicks in the empty area below the last file in the listbox (affects all listboxes in the UI). (r3783)
  • Fix bug in build13 that the editor save dialog would use the name of the list item from the second last (instead of the last) click. (r3781)
  • Added an editor tool to set a new origin in the map. This will make it possible to get an island properly centered, instead of divided in 4 corners when a minimap is generated with an external tool, such as the one used in the map download section. The button that enables the tool is in the map options dialog. (r3778)
  • Allow longer text for a world's name and author (to avoid having it cut off like "The Widelands Development Tea"). (r3777)
  • Do not crash when writing an empty file. (r3773)
  • Added two new in game and one new menu song. (r3758, r3800)
  • Make more configuration options configurable in the options menu. (r2753)
  • Fix bugs in the S2 map loader. Trying to load an invalid file could cause failed assertions in debug builds and probably other bugs in release builds. (r3750)
  • Added new loading screens for winterland and for barbarian campaigns. (r3748, svn:3797)
  • Allow configuring which information about a building is shown in the mapview's building census and statistics displays and the building window title. (r3741)
  • Added colorized chatmessages. (r3725)
  • Added a lobby to multiplayer launchgame menu. Now players aren't automatically assigned to a position. Players staying in lobby are getting in game spectators.(r3702, r3703, r3707, r3709, r3710)
  • Improved the map Plateau so that the players can reach the center even if another player is fortified there. This is achieved by allowing large buildings at a few more places in the valleys leading from the starting positions to the center. Also add some wiese1 (terrain type), which was not used at all on this map before. (r3713)
  • Added a new map "Twinkling Waves". (r3689)
  • Fix bug that the editor toolsize menu was not updated when the toolsize was changed with the keyboard shortcuts. (r3675)
  • Implement feature request #1792180 - Allow user to change starting-position. (r3666, r3667, r3668)
  • Editboxes now support UTF8 (unicode) characters, so the players can use their locale language in game. (r3662)
  • Improve the output of widelands --help. (r3660)
  • Add a new terrain type, corresponding to Greenland's bergwiese, to Desert. (r3659)
  • Workers that search for an object now prefer one of the nearest. Therefore they spend less time walking and more time harvesting. (r3658)
  • Fix bug that in the military-/trainingsite windows, the name (untranslated) of the soldier type was shown instead of the descname (translated). (r3645)
  • Fix bug that in the trainingsite window, the ware priority buttons were not updated. (r3642)
  • Fix bug that in the trainingsite window, the column total level was not sorted correctly for 2-digit values (10 was sorted between 1 and 2). (r3641)
  • Fix bug that when the user typed in the editor's map description input fields, the world was reparsed on every keystroke, which caused a delay. (r3640)

  • Fix bug that when the loading of a tribe failed, the error message was insufficient. (r3639)
  • Fix bug related to land ownership and military influence when a soldier arrived to a trainingsite. (r3701)
  • Fix bug related to land ownership and military influence when an event_building was executed. (r3636, r3637)
  • Fix bug that when a _pc-file was missing for an animation frame, the program did not make it clear that it was the _pc-file that was missing (the user was lead to think that it was the main file of the animation frame). (r3623)
  • Fix bugs in the maps Mystical Maze and Three Warriors: update tribe name to atlanteans. (r3609, r3612)
  • Change the Atlantean Weaponsmithy's program Produce Light Trident to consume iron (in addition to planks). This makes it necessary to mine iron ore to produce soldiers, which makes it more difficult to win against the other tribes (who also require iron for making soldiers) (r3718)
  • Fix bug in build13 that the Atlantean Labyrinth's program Upgrade Evade 1 could consume bread and then fail. (r3714)
  • Add demand check to Cloth production in Empire Weaving Mill. (r3604)
  • Add a program that produces an axe to the Barbarian Metalworks. (r3717)
  • Simplify the stoppability rules of building types. Only productionsites are stoppable. A productionsite type is a stoppable if and only if it is not a militarysite type. Get rid of the config option to make a building type stoppable (many building types had "stopable=yes" in their conf-file). Also get rid of the config options to set custom stop/continue icons for each building type (this was not used in any of the building types that are included in the Widelands releases). It is no longer possible to stop a constructionsite so that the finished building will be set to stopped. (r3723)
  • Get rid of event numbers in event chains. This removes the maximum limit of 99 events in an EventChain. It also makes diffs much smaller when an event is inserted, because now the following events do not need to be renumbered. (r3600)
  • For the statistics string of a trainingsite (shown in the mapview near the trainingsite when S has been pressed), replace strings like "upgrade_evade_0" (untranslated) with strings like "Upgrade evade 0" (translated). (r3595)
  • Fix bug that requests saved internal index numbers instead of ware/worker type names. The internal index numbers may not be the same when the game is loaded again, while type names should be the same. (r3593)
  • Implement automatic recursive road removal. When a player holds down Ctrl when ordering (or confirming, if applicable) the removal of flag or road, do a recursive removal. If a road removal command is given with the recursive option, all roads between the start and end flags are removed. Then those flags that become dead ends are removed recursively. A flag is a dead end if it does not have a building and roads to at most 1 other flag. (r3591)
  • Make immovable animation times random. (r3635)
  • Implement natural reproduction for trees. Instead of just growing up and then idling forever, they seed new trees and eventually die. Dead trees disappear after a while. Different tree species have different advantages on different terrain types (only for Greenland). This makes it possible for several tree species to survive by occupying different niches. Increase the working radius of woodcutters/lumberjacks from 8 to 10. This makes it easier to cover large areas with a few of them. This is now recommended to keep an area clear of trees. (r3591, r3610)
  • Forbid immovable programs to have transform commands that replace an immovable with one of the same type. (r3647)
  • Get rid of line numbers in immovable programs. (r3591)
  • In the worker list window of productionsites; if a worker is missing, show "(vacant)" if the request for it is open and "(coming)" if the request is in transfer. (r3591)
  • Create a few different player initializations and allow choosing one for each player when the game is configured. The default initialization is a headquarters with the usual set of wares/workers/soldiers, so the default behaviour is unchanged. There is another player initialization called castle_village that creates a castle (or citadell, depending on tribe) and a village around it with a warehouse loaded with some wares/workers/soldiers and some basic production and training buildings. (r3629)
  • Do not automatically create a headquarters for each player in scenarios. This must now be done explicitly with events. Change the existing scenarios accordingly (and use new headquarter graphics in some of them). (r3591, r3617, r3737)
  • Implemented logic for finding a suitable location for a building that will be created with an event. (r3629)
  • When a warehouse is created through an event, allow configuring exactly how many of each type of ware, worker and soldier that should be created with the warehouse. (r3591)
  • When a productionsite is created through an event, allow configuring exactly which of the wares and workers that should be created with the productionsite. (r3591, r3630)
  • When a military-/trainingsite is created through an event, allow configuring exactly how many soldiers at each combination of strength levels that should be created with the site. (r3628, r3629)
  • The builder does no longer enter the building and see the surroundings for a moment when he has completed the construction. Instead he leaves directly. (r3590)
  • Added new portrait pictures for the campaign maps (r3581, r3632)
  • Allow multiple AI implementations (r3574)
  • Implement a debug console and add a "switchplayer" command (r3573)
  • Fix bug that the back buttons in the campaign selection UI had the wrong background. (r3619)
  • Improvements of full screen menu UI (r3579, r3581)
    • Make fullscreen menus dynamic resizable. Now the menus use the same resolution as the whole game. Still the resolution must be saved in the config, so it's not yet possible to resize via mouse.
    • Clean up menu design, make some menus more straight and intuitive and follow the same alignment in similar menus.
    • Add note to intro screen, so players aren't confused anymore, whether widelands is still loading.
    • Introduce config option and commandline argument "ui_font". This option allows the user, to use a different font in the fullscreen menus, which can be quite important if the resolution is very low and the serif font is nearly unreadable. Besides a path to a TTF file relative to /fonts/ the values "sans" and "serif" are accepted. If an invalid argument was given Widelands falls back to UI_FONT_NAME.
  • Made the minimap remember its display options during the session (r3572)
  • Implemented generation of browsable HTML from game data. (r3548)
  • Made it possible to define a default target quantity for a ware type and set target quantities in the game. (r3543)
  • Made Ctrl+S bring up the save game dialog in both gameplay and replay. Added save button in replay watcher. (r3542)
  • Fixed Trigger_Time (and replaced Trigger_Null with it). (r3541).

L'ultima release pubblicata risale al 24/11/2008.

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