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NetVault, utility di backup e ripristino per Linux

Maria Susana Diaz | 13:59 |
NetVault è una utility di backup e ripristino per Linux, di facile utilizzo, ad alte prestazioni, scalabile.

NetVault's si presenta in un'unica architettura modulare; la sua flessibilità offre le più avanzate funzionalità di backup e ripristino per proteggere i vostri dati.

NetVault is the result of an innovative new, storage management architecture that utilizes modularity to achieve maximum performance. It meets the challenges of today’s high-speed technologies and data intensive applications.

NetVault is the answer to the demand for easy to use, fully functional, high performance, scalable backup and recovery storage management software. From workgroup, to datacenter, to the enterprise; from LAN, SAN and NAS – NetVault’s unique modular architecture and flexibility provides the most advanced backup and restore functionality to protect your most valuable asset…information. Delivering on the promise of simple to install and manage while providing robust performance, NetVault provides the flexibility for growth and continued enhancement as your information storage needs expand and change.

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Application Data Protection
NetVault Application Plugin Modules™ (APM™)

Disaster Recovery
VaultDR™ Bare Metal Restore

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OFM™ for Open File Management

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NetVault NDMP for Network Attached Storage

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Scalable from individual users to enterprise environments, NetVault™ provides packaged solutions to meet the needs of every customer. Each package effectively represents the foundation on which additional components can be added. The entry level packages have a very limited list of components that can be added, but at any time your base server package can be upgraded. All NetVault Packages come complete with special features to ensure superior performance and scalability.

Base NetVault Package
NetVault Packages include one Server Node, and a specified number of Client Nodes (CN).

NetVault Server Node
A Server Node (SN) is assigned and supports SmartClient™ tape and optical drives and libraries. The Server Node (SN) has a scheduler, database for keeping track of data stored, media manager and log manager and is responsible for the scheduling and administering data transfers for other Nodes. In addition, the Server Node (SN) also tracks the database and media manager for SmartClients. One License included in package.

Client Nodes (CN Packs)
A Client Node (CN) is a client that is managed by a NetVault Server Node (SN). Both Server and Client Nodes support Application Plugin Modules (APM's). A specified number of heterogeneous Client Nodes are included with each NetVault Package. Additional Client Nodes may be purchased up to the supported NetVault Server package client limit.

SmartClient is a client that has a local tape or DVD media device attached, either directly, or via a SAN. Any client on the network may access the device attached to the SmartClient. The number of SmartClients which may be used are licensed in the NetVault Server key.

Dynamically Shared Devices™ (DSD)
This option empowers SmartClients, NAS devices and Servers to dynamically share stand-alone tape and DVD drives and/or library drives in SAN or shared-SCSI configurations. Each physical device that is shared requires a DSD license, regardless of nodes that shared the device.

Media Device Support
This feature enables a Server Node (SN) or SmartClient node to control a media device (Tape/DVD). This media device can be a standalone, auto-loader, auto-changer or library device.

Media Slot Support
This option enables online slots inside media libraries. This is the total number of slots per each attached library that is configured to a Server Node (SN) or SmartClient node. Slots are packaged according to the total number of slots in a single library.

Application Plugin Module (APM)
This option enables a NetVault node (SN or CN) to control application support for online backups such as Oracle, Sybase, Informix, MS SQL, MS Exchange and others. Each APM requires a separate license key to be applied to each machine installed on. APM license keys can easily be applied to relevant machines in a NetVault Domain using the GUI Client Mgt. Utility. NOTE: Linux license includes support for Linux, FreeBSD and SCO.
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