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2vcard è uno script perl che può essere usato per convertire nel formato vcard

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2vcard è uno script perl che può essere usato per convertire nel formato vcard. Attualmente 2vcard può convertire rubriche e file alias dai seguenti formati: abook, eudora, juno, ldiff, mutt, mh e pine.



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FileSize (in kB)MD5 checksum
2vcard_0.5-3.dsc 0.9 kB e1c6ac2c645c89eb2bb15b335a035dff
2vcard_0.5.orig.tar.gz 9.2 kB f73a69c170f772f3f6e75f2d11bbb792
2vcard_0.5-3.diff.gz 2.0 kB 1e806d32233af87437258d86b1561f57

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2vcard is a little perl script to convert an addressbook to the popular VCARD file format. Currently, 2vcard can convert addressbooks and alias files from the following formats: abook, eudora, juno, ldif, mutt, mh and pine.

The VCARD format is used by gnomecard, for example, which in turn is used by the balsa email client.

This is version 0.5 of 2vcard.


How to obtain 2vcard

2vcard 0.5 can be obtained from:


In order to successfully use 2vcard, you need the following programs and libraries which are available on most platforms as distribution packages and thereby can be installed easily.


Compilation and installation

2vcard assumes that the Perl executable lives in /usr/bin/perl - if that is not the case, use your favorite editor to modify the first line of the file 2vcard accordingly.

In order to install 2vcard from sources, type the following in the directory to which you downloaded the 2vcard distribution:

% tar zxvf 2vcard-0.5.tar.gz
% cd 2vcard-0.5
% less README
% su
% make install

This will install 2vcard in /usr/local/bin, the man page in /usr/local/share/man/man1/ and the documentation in /usr/local/share/doc/2vcard/

Should you run into problems please report them to the the author at


Per default, 2vcard reads from stdin and writes to stdout. Alternatively, the input- and output-files can be specified as command-line options.


In a pipe:
tr '^M' '\n' <> out

2vcard -i ~/.aliases -o ~/.addbook.grcd

If you run into any problems, if you encounter bugs, or if you have any other comments on this program,please don't hesitate to email me.

fonte: 2vCard

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