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Software Packages in Ubuntu 8.10 "Intrepid Ibex", Categoria Utility, Part III

Maria Susana Diaz | 10:13 |
Tutte le utility che potete immaginare nella nuova release di Ubuntu.

Tutti i software packages con un breve commento.

Programmi per la manipolazione dei dischi, per fare backup ed amministrare gli archivi, per monitorare il sistema, input systems e tante altre cose.

In questa seconda puntata F-H:

Infine, una specie di bel vademecum casalingo da tenere sempre sotto mano. Non si sa mai..

fakechroot (2.8-1) [universe]
gives a fake chroot environment
fakeroot (1.9.5ubuntu1)
Gives a fake root environment
fakeroot-ng (0.12-3) [universe]
Gives a fake root environment
falselogin (0.3-3) [universe]
false login shell
fatsort ( [universe]
utility for sorting FAT directory structures
fbiterm (0.5-5.5) [universe]
framebuffer internationalized terminal emulator (fbiterm)
fcitx (1:3.4.3-1) [universe]
Free Chinese Input Toy for X (XIM)
fcrackzip (0.3-2) [universe]
password cracker for zip archives
fdflush ( [i386], [amd64]) [universe]
Flush out-of-date disk buffers
fdupes (1.50-PR2-1)
identifies duplicate files within given directories
fet (5.5.5-1ubuntu1) [universe]
timetable generator
fgr (4.5.0-0ubuntu2) [universe]
the power of "find" with the versatility of "grep"
file (4.24-4)
Determines file type using "magic" numbers
fileschanged (0.6.5-1.1) [universe]
command-line utility that reports when files have been altered
fl-cow (0.6-1) [universe]
copy-on-write utility
flamerobin (0.8.6-1) [universe]
graphical database administration tool for Firebird DBMS
flasm (1.62-2) [universe]
assembler and disassembler for Flash (SWF) bytecode
flawfinder (1.27-2) [universe]
examines source code and looks for security weaknesses
flickcurl-utils (1.3-1) [universe]
utilities to call the Flickr API from command line
flickrfs ( [universe]
virtual filesystem for flickr online photosharing service
flog (1.8-2) [universe]
dump STDIN to file and reopen on SIGHUP
flvtool2 (1.0.6-3) [universe]
a manipulation tool for flash video files
fnfx-client (0.3-13ubuntu1 [i386], 0.3-3ubuntu2 [amd64]) [universe]
Client for customize fnfxd hot-keys
fnfxd (0.3-13ubuntu1 [i386], 0.3-3ubuntu2 [amd64]) [universe]
ACPI and hotkey daemon for Toshiba laptops
fondu (0.0.20050825-1.1) [universe]
convert between Mac and UNIX font formats
fontconfig (2.6.0-1ubuntu4)
generic font configuration library - support binaries
fonty-rg (0.5) [universe]
Linux console fonts in various encodings
fontypython (0.3.6-1) [universe]
A GUI tool to manage ttf fonts
fpm2 (0.71-1) [universe]
a password manager with GTK+ 2.x GUI
freebsd-sendpr (3.113+5.3-9) [universe]
FreeBSD fork of send-pr (from GNU GNATS)
freecdb (0.75build1)
creating and reading constant databases
freepwing (1.4.4-3) [universe]
EB to JIS X 4081 converter
freetype1-tools (1.4pre.cvs20060210-1) [universe]
Bundled tests, demos and tools for FreeType 1
freetype2-demos (2.3.7-2ubuntu1) [universe]
FreeType 2 demonstration programs
freewnn-common (1.1.0+1.1.1-a021-1.3) [universe]
Files shared among the FreeWnn packages
freewnn-cserver (1.1.0+1.1.1-a021-1.3) [universe]
Chinese input system
freewnn-jserver (1.1.0+1.1.1-a021-1.3) [universe]
Japanese input system
freewnn-kserver (1.1.0+1.1.1-a021-1.3) [universe]
Korean input system
ftdi-eeprom (0.2-9) [universe]
Tool for reading/erasing/flashing FTDI USB chip eeproms
fuse-convmvfs (0.2.4-1) [universe]
mirrors a whole filesystem tree from one charset to another
fuse-utils (2.7.3-4ubuntu2)
Filesystem in USErspace (utilities)
fusesmb (0.8.7-1) [universe]
filesystem client based on the SMB file transfer protocol
g15composer (3.2-1) [universe]
Scriptable command interface to libg15render
g15daemon ( [universe]
Screen multiplexer for Logitech G15 Keyboard
g15daemon-audacious (2.5.5-1) [universe]
G15daemon Audacious visualization plug-in
g15macro (1.0.3-1) [universe]
A simple Macro recording/playback application for G15Daemon
g15mpd (1.2svn.0.svn319-1) [universe]
A simple frontend for the MPD Media Player Daemon, for use with g15daemon
g15stats (1.0-1) [universe]
a CPU/Memory/Swap usage meter for G15Daemon
gaffitter (0.5.1-1) [universe]
File subsets extractor based on genetic algorithms
galleta (1.0+20040505-2) [universe]
An Internet Explorer cookie forensic analysis tool
gapcmon (0.8.6-1) [universe]
apcupsd monitor GUI
gappletviewer-4.2 (4.2.4-3ubuntu3) [universe]
Standalone application to execute Java (tm) applets
gappletviewer-4.3 (4.3.2-1ubuntu2)
Standalone application to execute Java (tm) applets
garmin-forerunner-tools (0.07-2) [universe]
retrieve data from Garmin Forerunner GPS devices
gcal (3.01.1-7) [universe]
program for calculating and printing calendars
gcalcli (1.4-1) [universe]
Google Calendar Command Line Interface
gcin (1.4.0-1) [universe]
an GTK+ based input method platform for Chinese users
gcin-qt3-immodule (1.4.0-1) [universe]
an QT input method module with gcin as backend
gcipher (1.0-3.2) [universe]
A simple "encryption" tool
gconf-editor (2.24.1-0ubuntu1)
An editor for the GConf configuration system
gcrontab (0.8.0-3.1build1) [universe]
GTK bases crontab editor
gddccontrol (0.4.2-5ubuntu1) [universe]
a program to control monitor parameters
gddrescue (1.2-1.3) [universe]
the GNU data recovery tool
gdeb (0.4.9-5ubuntu1) [universe]
graphical package inspection tool
gdecrypt ( [universe]
GUI for mapping/mounting and creating encrypted volumes
genisovh (0.1-3) [universe]
Make CD-ROMs bootable for SGI MIPS machines
geotoad (3.9.0-7) [universe]
geocaching query tool
germinate (1.10)
Expand dependencies in a list of seed packages
gfxboot (3.3.39-0ubuntu2)
bootlogo creator for gfxboot compliant boot loaders
gfxboot-theme-nld (3.3.39-0ubuntu2) [universe]
NLD theme for gfxboot-compliant boot loaders
gfxboot-theme-sles (3.3.39-0ubuntu2) [universe]
SLES theme for gfxboot-compliant boot loaders
gfxboot-theme-suse (3.3.39-0ubuntu2) [universe]
SuSE theme for gfxboot-compliant boot loaders
gfxboot-theme-ubuntu (0.6.10)
Ubuntu theme for gfxboot-compliant boot loaders
gfxboot-theme-zen (3.3.39-0ubuntu2) [universe]
Zen theme for gfxboot-compliant boot loaders
ggzcore-bin (
GGZ Gaming Zone: various command-line helper programs
giflib-tools (4.1.6-4)
library for GIF images (utilities)
gigtools (3.2.1-1.1) [universe]
command line tools for Gigasampler and DLS Level 1/2 files
git (4.9.4-1) [universe]
transitional dummy package which can be safely removed
virtual package provided by gnuit
gizmod (3.4-0ubuntu1) [universe]
allows scripting of input events through Python scripts
glark (1.8.0-1) [universe]
pattern matching tool similar to grep
glbsp (2.24-1) [universe]
nodes builder for Doom-style games; has support for OpenGL
glipper (1.0-1ubuntu2) [universe]
Clipboard manager for the GNOME panel
gmailfs (0.8-4) [universe]
Use your GMail account as a filesystem
gmemusage (0.2-10) [universe]
Displays a graph detailing memory usage of each process
gmountiso (0.4-0ubuntu3) [universe]
This is Gmountiso, a PyGTK GUI to mount your cd images
Gnash l’alternativa open source più solida ad Adobe Flash.

Gnash è un programma sviluppato e mantenuto dal progetto GNU per la creazione di un riproduttore di file in formato Adobe Flash. È utilizzabile anche come plugin per browser web. Si tratta di software libero rilasciato sotto licenza GPL.

Questo programma è al secondo posto, subito dopo GNU PDF, tra i cosiddetti progetti ad alta priorità secondo la Free Software Foundation, progetti che la FSF chiede di supportare in quanto importanti per incrementare l'adozione e l'utilizzo del software libero.

Scheda completa e istruzioni per il downlad in questa pagina
gnome-rdp (0.2.2-0ubuntu5) [universe]
Remote Desktop Client for the GNOME Desktop
gnome-voice-control (0.2-0ubuntu6) [universe]
Speech recognizer to control the GNOME Desktop
gnu-fdisk (1.0-3) [universe]
Linux fdisk replacement based on libparted
gnuit (4.9.4-1) [universe]
GNU Interactive Tools, a file browser/viewer and process viewer/killer
gnupg (1.4.9-3ubuntu1)
GNU privacy guard - a free PGP replacement
gnupg-agent (2.0.9-3.1)
GNU privacy guard - password agent
gnupg-pkcs11-scd (0.06-3) [universe]
GnuPG smart-card daemon with PKCS#11 support
gnupg2 (2.0.9-3.1)
GNU privacy guard - a free PGP replacement
google-sitemapgen (1.4-3) [universe]
sitemap generator for Google Sitemap
gosmore ( [universe] viewer / wayfinder / search client
gpa (0.7.6-0ubuntu1) [universe]
GNU Privacy Assistant
gpar2 (0.3-2.3) [universe]
A GUI for verifying and repairing PAR and PAR2 recovery sets
gpe-announce (0.13-2) [universe]
Alarm support for the G Palmtop Environment
gpe-bluetooth (0.55-3build2) [universe]
Bluetooth connectivity tool for GPE
gpe-calendar (0.91-3) [universe]
store and manage calendar events in GPE
gpe-expenses (0.1.6-1) [universe]
Simple expense records for GPE
gpe-filemanager (0.25-3) [universe]
file manager for GPE
gpe-mininet (0.7-2) [universe]
network connectivity monitor for GPE
gpe-shield (0.31-3) [universe]
firewall configuration for GPE
gpe-taskmanager (0.20-8) [universe]
lists windows and kills errant programs
gpe-todo (0.57-1) [universe]
To-do list for GPE
gpe-watch (0.11-1) [universe]
a watch for a small screen in GPE
gpgkeys (0.3.1-4.1) [universe]
GPG Keymanagement frontend
gpgsm (2.0.9-3.1)
GNU privacy guard - S/MIME version
gpgv (1.4.9-3ubuntu1)
GNU privacy guard - signature verification tool
gphoto2 (2.4.0-1) [universe]
The gphoto2 digital camera command-line client
gphotofs (0.3-1) [universe]
filesystem to mount digital cameras
gpomme (1.21~dfsg-2ubuntu1) [universe]
graphical client for pommed
gprename (2.5-2) [universe]
Complete batch renamer for Linux
gpsbabel (1.3.5-0ubuntu1) [universe]
GPS file conversion plus transfer to/from GPS units
gpsdrive (2.10~pre4-3) [universe]
Car navigation system
gpsdrive-scripts (2.10~pre4-3) [universe]
Various scripts for gpsdrive
gpw (0.0.19940601-8.1) [universe]
Trigraph Password Generator
gridengine-client (6.2~beta2-2) [universe]
Utilities for Grid Engine queue management
gridengine-common (6.2~beta2-2) [universe]
Distributed resource management - common files
gridengine-exec (6.2~beta2-2) [universe]
Distributed resource management - Execution Server
gridengine-master (6.2~beta2-2) [universe]
Distributed resource management - Master Server
gridengine-qmon (6.2~beta2-2) [universe]
Graphical utilities for Grid Engine queue management
grmonitor (0.81-4.2) [universe]
Graphical Process Monitor
grokevt (0.4.1-2) [universe]
scripts for reading Microsoft Windows event log files
grunt (0.5.1) [universe]
Secure remote execution via UUCP or e-mail using GPG
grunt-uucp (0.5.1) [universe]
Handler for incoming UUCP requests
gscan2pdf (0.9.25-1) [universe]
A GUI to produce PDFs from scanned documents
gscanbus (0.7.1-7build1) [universe]
scan IEEE1394 (firewire/ bus
gsetroot (1.1-2) [universe]
a C/Gtk-based front-end for Esetroot
gstreamer-tools (0.10.21-4)
Tools for use with GStreamer
gstreamer0.10-plugins-base-apps (0.10.21-3)
GStreamer helper programs from the "base" set
gstreamer0.10-tools (0.10.21-4)
Tools for use with GStreamer
gsynaptics (0.9.14-6) [universe]
configuration tool for Synaptics touchpad driver of X server
gt5 (1.3c-3) [universe]
shell program to display visual disk usage with navigation
gtimer (1.1.6-13) [universe]
GTK-based X11 task timer
gtkhash (0.2.0-0ubuntu1) [universe]
GTK+ utility for computing checksums and more
gtkrsync (1.0.2) [universe]
GUI front-end to display rsync status
gtkvncviewer (0.3.2-1) [universe]
Small GTK+ tool to connect to VNC servers
gwenhywfar-tools (3.4.1-1) [universe]
helper applications for Gwenhywfar library
gwhere (0.2.3.dfsg.1-2) [universe]
Removable media catalog manager
gworldclock (1.4.4-7) [universe]
Displays time and date in specified time zones
gxset (0.4-3) [universe]
Graphical preferences utility similar to xset
gzrt (0.5-1) [universe]
gzip recovery toolkit
hama-slide-mouse-control (1.0-2) [universe]
Control the DPI setting and thumb buttons of a Hama SLide S1 gaming mouse
happydigger (3.2-1) [universe]
Program for cataloging for archaeological finds
hardware-connected (0.0.2-0ubuntu2) [universe]
indicates whether given hardware exists in the system
hashalot (0.3-5) [universe]
Read and hash a passphrase
hdaps-utils (0.1-1.1) [universe]
HDAPS (IBM Hard Drive Active Protection System) utilities
hddtemp (0.3-beta15-44) [universe]
hard drive temperature monitoring utility
hdup (2.0.14-3) [universe]
Filesystem duplicator and backup
hebcal (3.5-1) [universe]
A Perpetual Jewish Calendar
helpdeco (2.1.3-3) [universe]
decompiler for windows help (WinHelp) files
henplus (0.9.7.ds1-1) [universe]
JDBC SQL commandline frontend with TAB-completion
hesiod (3.0.2-18.2) [universe]
Project Athena's DNS-based directory service - utilities
hex (204-17) [universe]
hexadecimal dumping tool for Japanese
hexcat ( [universe]
HEX dumping utility
hexcurse (1.55-2) [universe]
A ncurses-based hex editor with many features
hexer (0.1.4c-2) [universe]
An interactive binary editor with a Vi-like interface
hibernate (1.99-1) [universe]
smartly puts your computer to sleep (suspend to RAM or disk)
hoz (1.65-2) [universe]
file splitter that uses the hacha file format
hoz-gui (1.65-2) [universe]
file splitter that uses the hacha file format
hp-ppd (0.9ubuntu2) [universe]
HP Postscript Printer Definition (PPD) files
hplip (2.8.7-0ubuntu6)
HP Linux Printing and Imaging System (HPLIP)
hplip-data (2.8.7-0ubuntu6)
HP Linux Printing and Imaging - data files
hplip-dbg (2.8.7-0ubuntu6)
HP Linux Printing and Imaging - debugging information
hplip-gui (2.8.7-0ubuntu6)
HP Linux Printing and Imaging - GUI utilities
hpodder ( [universe]
Tool to scan and download podcasts (podcatcher)
hpoj (0.91-14) [universe]
HP OfficeJet Linux driver (hpoj)
hpoj-xojpanel (0.91-14) [universe]
HP OfficeJet Linux QT-based LCD panel display
htop (0.8-0ubuntu1) [universe]
interactive processes viewer
hwtest-cli (0.1-0ubuntu10) [universe]
CLI interface for the hwtest program

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